Who We Are ?

Seta Plus Company was incorporated in 2000 as wholesale and distributing company, and it become one of the main frozen fresh water fish distributor not only on domestic, but also on foreign market.
Many years of experience and long-term partnership with major Russian freshwater fish processors give us ability to distribute high quality freshwater fish products 365 days a year.

astrachan_mapOur products come from Astrakhan hunting area, from the delta of river Volga flowing in Caspian Sea (foto  astrakhanska oblast) and are processed and stored according to European standards.

In 2004 we have received, from The State veterinary and food committee, approved number 9-97 ES (store frozen fish products, export into EU countries).
By this, we have entered into divisions with all legal criteria of European Union.

At our disposal, we have own cold stores and for product distribution we use own cold transportation.

Our client portfolio consist of retails shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers, distributors and other gastronomic institutions.

The principal aim of our assiduity is the quality, towards and satisfaction of our customer.

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