Pike – Perch / Stizosteidon volgensis /

ryba_zubacIs one of the most known predator of perch family. It lives in the delta-rivers of the Caspian and Black Seas.
Due to the high quality of meat, neutral taste and lack of bones it become one of the most demanding fish among gastronomes.
Pike-perch is ideal grilled, baked, and even in the soup. Basic pike-perch product portfolio:

– Pike-perch whole, gutted, scaled, IQF, glazing 10%, packed in 5 or 10kg cartons, size range: 400/600, 600/800, 800/1000g per piece. (Photo)(Recipes)
– Pike-perch filets, skin on, IQF, glazing 10%, size range: 70/120, 120/170, 170/230, 230/300, 300/500, 500/800, 800+ g/pc (Photo)(Recipes)
– Pike-perch cheeks, skin on. Most delicate piece of fish located in head part, under the gill. Pike-perch cheeks are great roasted, cooked, and pan-fried either in the salad or in goulash. (Photo)(Recipes)

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