Gold Fish by Seta Plus

logo_goldfishGOLDFISH trade mark was created in order to fulfill needs of customers demanding high quality freshwater fish, in compact package and affordable price.
It is not very easy for regular Slovak buyer to find high quality freshwater fish in the supermarkets or any retail store, for this, we created GOLD FISH.

Currently we offer GOLD FISH pike-perch filets 400g and GOLD FISH pike portions bone less 400g.


GOLD FISH pike-perch filets 400g

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Pike-perch is one of the most known predator of perch family. It lives in the delta-rivers of the Caspian and Black Seas. Due to the high quality of meat, neutral taste and lack of bones it become one of the most demanding fish among gastronomes. Pike-perch is ideal grilled, baked, and even in the soup. This fish is currently very desired in Slovakia, but for many people is inaccessible due to the absence in the retail stores and for a high price.
For this reason, we decided to put high quality pike-perch filets in compact 400g retail package, what makes this product more affordable and ideal portion for 2-4 people. (foto)(recept)

GOLD FISH bone less pike filet portions 400g

Pike is ranked among the aggressive and isolated predators. Pike grows very rapidly if it has enough food. It is a favorite dish of  gourmets. Pike is very popular due to solid meat and neutral taste, nevertheless, many consumers discourages high consistency of bones. However, our fish processing partners invented processing techniques, that can eliminate 100% of bones without placing any visible damage on the filet.
Thanks to this technique we get unique high quality product with unforgettable taste, and practical 400g package make it easy to store, ideal for 2-4 people, and is absolutely new product on Slovak and Czech markets. (foto)(recept)